Hi, I'm Jade.

Living Unjaded is the culmination of a few years' worth of attempts of trying to express myself and explore my interests. At first, I started (and promptly deleted) a blog called "The Unjaded Chronicles," which was meant to document my dramatic move from Maine to Long Island, where I dropped out of college, moved in with my boyfriend, and began the long road to adulthood at 19. While I thought it would be a great way to share my lessons learned, it came off a bit angsty, confusing, and overall wasn't very exciting since all I did was--as Rhianna says--workworkwork workwork.

That Christmas, I received and read the book Face Paint by Lisa Eldridge. It was incredibly beautiful and rich with the history of makeup. As a person who enjoys makeup and applies at least mascara daily, I was shocked at the toxic history. Romans had used lead on their faces, for goodness sake! This shock made me wonder, what would a history book one day say about our makeup today? So, I looked into it and quickly ditched conventional makeup for all its toxic chemicals and cruelty-laden products. I discovered the world of green beauty and began sharing my journey on an Instagram page that was basically a blog.

As I got into growing my green beauty Instagram page, I started to see these people using stainless steel, glass, and wood instead of plastic. Well, what the heck was wrong with plastic?!

I think you know what happened after that.

And as it just so happens, I began to care about the zero waste movement as my year off of school came to a close. When applying to this new school near Long Island a year prior (which I had done quite soon after "dropping out"), I switched my major from the competitive BioChemistry program to the less selective Sustainability program as a safeguard to better my chance of being accepted. What I thought was a strategic switch actually became something that I am passionate about. What a stroke of luck, eh?

So that's the story of Living Unjaded. It took a while, but we're here now...and that's all that matters 🙂

Where did the name "Living Unjaded" Come from?

If you read the story above, the name "unjaded" originally came from a blog that I tried to start a few years ago. It came to mind because my name is Jade. Also, jaded means to be worn down and tired, but that was the opposite of what I want my life to be. Voila! Un-jaded. Totally made up, but I kinda dig it.